London: The Shard Tower (Film)
A collection of some footage I shot when I visited the Shard building earlier this year. Shot using a Canon 600D with a EF 50mm, f/1.8
I was down in London for the Leading Business by Design Conference. I took the oppertunity to go see the newly built Shard Tower and catch a bit of London. It was a perfect day for visiting the tower, a close to cloudless skyline over 70 floors up is pretty breathtaking.
Unfortunatly I only had a dslr and a 50mm lens with me, no alternative lens' and no tripod. Sometimes its good just having the basics and trying to just capture the moment as you see it in front of you. I was definatly feeling the limitations of the 50mm prime lens for the skyline shots, bringing anything into focus was hard to achieve.
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